Lean Construction is a mindset with a basic belief that a focus on service and innovation whilst continuously eliminating waste and focusing on value serves the customer’s best interest.

What is lean construction?

To eradicate safety and quality errors , continuously improve customer service and improve efficiency and collaboration

What does Lean Construction involve?

Improving customer service and efficiency by:

  • innovating and eliminating waste
  • understanding internal & end customers
  • learning through customer feedback
  • measuring performance to drive improvement
  • learning from every mistake

What are the benefits of lean construction?

When lean construction is done correctly, the following measures can be achieved:


Onsite time reduction


Labour productivity improvement


Productivity above trade baselines


Rework below trade baselines

up to 99%

accuracy among Engineering disciplines

What is the role of the Lean Construction Institute of Australia?

The Lean Construction Institute – Australasia Ltd (LCIA) is a not for profit organisation led by a cross section of industry representatives in the oil, gas, mining, and construction fields that are driving transformation and productivity improvement across Australia through the adoption of LEAN business practices.

How do I find out more?

There are several ways of finding out more information. Please take a look at our profiles page to view international projects that have used Lean Construction. You can also contact us at 1300 77 88 99 to find out more.


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