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To inspire and accelerate the application of Lean Construction in Australasia.


We aim to support industry by:

  • Sharing information and be a catalyst for the advancement of Lean Construction.
  • Identifying Lean Construction industry experts and promoting their knowledge and experiences.
  • Communicating leading edge Lean Construction research and practice to our members.
  • Contributing to the Lean Construction Institute global network.


The Lean Construction Institute (LCI) – Australia was formed in 2011 and was based in NSW. Based on its success and interest from other State’s, the decision was made to form a national organisation, the Lean Construction Institute Australasia (LCIA) Ltd in 2013 and become the unified body for the energy, infrastructure and construction industries, promoting LEAN construction principles, tools and techniques for commercial and academic organisations.

The national office for LCIA is based in Perth, Western Australia and supports the work of our State Councils located in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia.

The LCIA partners with industry, service organisations, government agencies and academic institutions. They promote and teach LEAN Construction principles, tools and techniques to improve productivity within Australia and Asia. Delivery of their national event series and International Conferences is helping meet industry demand for LEAN practices and outcomes.


LEAN Construction is a relatively new concept that has been in practice for less than 20 years. However, is growing in awareness as the construction industry is increasingly seeking to maximise efficiencies and reduce waste within projects.

Lean Construction Institutes have spread around the world over the years, however, “LEAN” began at MIT in America…

  • 1990 – “LEAN” formed as a methodology after a three year MIT study into the automotive industry by James Womack, Dan Jones and Dan Roos. It was used to describe how the Toyota Production System continued to identify and eliminate waste. Large US car manufacturers were outperformed by Toyota with a factor of 2:1 on quality, cost and time to market.
  • 1993 – International Group for Lean Construction was formed to radically renew the practice, education and research of architecture, engineering and construction to respond to the challenges ahead.
  • 1997 – LCI formed in USA by Glenn Ballard and Greg Howell. Their mission was to develop and disseminate new knowledge regarding the management of work in projects.
  • 2012 – LCI – Australia, a not-for-profit organisation, was founded in NSW as a catalyst for industry transformation through LEAN project delivery. Management Committee consisted of: AECOM, Leighton Holdings, Woodside, Marosszeky Associates, Alchimie, Blue Ocean Consulting, Lean Construction Consulting, Transport for NSW.
  • 2012 onwards – LCI Regional Communities established in NSW, QLD, SA, VIC, WA
  • 2013 – Lean Construction Institute Australasia Limited (LCIA) was formed with the national office based in WA. LCIA provides a unified body for the energy, infrastructure and construction industries, promoting LEAN construction principles, tools and techniques for commercial and academic organisations.


The national objectives of the LCIA are to:

  • develop and disseminate knowledge of lean business practices for application in the Australian engineering and construction sector through structured programs;
  • facilitate, encourage and promote research into improved lean business practices in the engineering and construction sector;
  • publicise lean business practices within the engineering and construction industries so as to educate the wider community generally;
  • participate in and act as a public advocate for lean construction practices that affect the engineering and construction sectors through education of these sectors and the wider community;
  • become Australia’s pre-eminent organisation promoting lean business practices in the building, engineering and construction sector and raising the standard of business efficiency and effectiveness in the design, construction and operation of Australian infrastructure through education and awareness;
  • carry out such other functions as are necessary for, or complementary to, the objects of the company


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