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The Lean Construction Institute Australasia Ltd (LCIA) relies on its national network of State Councils to promote and increase learning of LEAN construction business practices.

Unlock your Productivity with the LCIA today!

Joining the LCIA and industry leaders means you can effectively apply LEAN ideas and practices to enhance competitiveness and reduce inefficiencies. You will access a network of innovative LEAN practitioners and thinkers, and receive the latest research and publications, discounts, free local events and contribute to the LEAN transformation.

Individuals and companies from Engineering, Architecture, Construction, Energy, Resources and Infrastructure working together in a LEAN environment.

  1. Explore how LEAN techniques enhance projects, boost productive collaboration, save time, reduce costs and increase competitiveness, including Target Value Design, Last Planner®, Visual Management, Choose by Advantages, Just-In-Time and more.
  2. Connect with colleagues, practitioners and innovators from different areas of design and construction globally.
  3. Join the network dedicated to improving performance and transforming design and construction practices.

Volunteer Opportunities

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[lvca_team per_line=”1″][lvca_team_member member_name=”Christina Levinson” member_position=”LCIA QLD Chair” member_details=”iConnect Consulting” member_image=”10191″][lvca_team_member member_name=”Kent Kieseker” member_position=”LCIA QLD Deputy Chair” member_details=”Seymour Whyte Constructions Pty Ltd” member_image=”9476″][/lvca_team]
[lvca_team per_line=”4″][lvca_team_member member_name=”Richard Morwood” member_details=”AECOM” member_image=”9476″][lvca_team_member member_name=”Robin Drogenmuller” member_details=”Queensland University of Technology (QUT)” member_image=”9476″][lvca_team_member member_name=”Ken Panitz” member_image=”9739″ member_details=”EIC Activities (CIMIC Group),”][lvca_team_member member_name=”Andrew Curthoys” member_image=”9476″ member_details=”Department of Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning”][/lvca_team][lvca_team per_line=”4″][lvca_team_member member_name=”Liam Stitt” member_details=”EsSCO Pty Ltd” member_image=”9476″][lvca_team_member member_name=”Paul Tilley” member_details=”University of Southern Queensland” member_image=”9476″][lvca_team_member member_name=”Ren Niemann” member_image=”9476″ member_details=”McCullough Robertson”][lvca_team_member member_name=”Brian Middleton” member_image=”9476″ member_details=”Bentley”][/lvca_team][lvca_team per_line=”4″][lvca_team_member member_name=”Michael Keet” member_details=”BAC” member_image=”9741″][/lvca_team]


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